Life in Pastel

Portraits by Rachel Murray


It starts with a picture (or a combination of pictures). The better the picture, the more detail I can put into the portrait. If you have one in mind you can e-mail it, deliver it or drop it in the mail. I am also willing to travel for reasonable distance (those living in the Grand Rapids and surrounding area) to take the picture myself making for a more unique piece.

Please remember: It is harder to capture the personality of a loved one or pet if those details are not evident in the photo.

After the picture is decided on, we'll discuss size and media (charcoal/pencil, oil pastels, oils, watercolor).

Some things to remember when making the decision:

- The bigger the piece the more detail I can include.

- Charcoal and pencil will be black and white or sepia tones and it is easier to add tiny details.

- Pastels will be in color and while I can still include details it is more difficult and will not be as refined as with charcoal and pencil. 

- Oils can be any color, can include as much or as little detail as you want. The possibilities are endless when it comes to oils but they are more costly and time consuming.

-Watercolors work different than oils and are more for style and fun, it just depends on your preference!


**Special projects:  Along with portraiture I am now offering illustrations, murals, or any other projects you might come up with. Just ask and we can discuss the possiblities!

Sizes And Pricing


 8X10    $30.00

  9X12    $50.00

10X13    $70.00

11X14    $90.00

12X16    $110.00

14X18    $130.00

16X20    $150.00

20X24    $180.00

Oil Pastels

 8X10    $50.00

  9X12    $75.00

10X13    $100.00

11X14    $125.00

12X16    $150.00

14X18    $175.00

16X20    $200.00

20X24    $225.00

Oil Paint

 8X10    $75.00

  9X12    $100.00

10X13    $125.00

11X14    $150.00

12X16    $175.00

14X18    $200.00

16X20    $250.00

20X24    $275.00

Sizes listed are standard frame sizes. If you would like a different size we can negotiate a price.

All images copyright Rachel Murray. All rights reserved.